How To Choose A Sit-Stand Work Stool?

Before you start looking at aspects to consider when purchasing a sit-stand work stool, let’s first look at a general description of one. Simply put, a sit-stand stool allows you to work upright and maintain a good posture. It takes the weight off your feet.

You will hear the term “ergonomic” quite a lot when you start looking for a new stool. An ergonomic sit-stand stool is designed to adapt to the user’s body shape and to give customized support. It also allows secure movement while they are perched on it.

Are Sit-Stand Stools Good For Posture?

Sitting behind a desk all day is bad for your health and posture. Health experts advise office workers to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes every hour. What’s best for your posture would be to stand at your desk most of your working day. But your legs and feet could pay the price.

While using a sit-stand stool as your office stool, you can work while standing without having to exert the physical strength and energy required to sustain the position since this stool helps support your legs and feet.

The hip-to-torso angle should be between 130 and 135 degrees because the spine and its connecting muscles are under the least amount of stress in this position.

How To Use A Sit-Stand Stool?

A well-designed stool should allow for use as a stool for a sit-stand desk and a normal desk. In both cases use the stool as frequently as possible; the ideal would be if your work tasks accommodate using the stool continuously.

But it is important to remember that even if your spine is supported by the stool to remain in its proper position, it’s recommended to walk and stretch your legs for a few minutes every hour or two. These types of stool encourage movement around the workspace and between co-workers.

What To Consider When Purchasing Ergonomic Sit-stand Stools

Height-Adjustable Mechanism

To make it comfortable for the user to adjust the work stool while perching on it, the height-adjustable mechanism should be within easy reach. It must work without effort and click into the required position easily.

The user of the stool might need to sit ‘normally’ at their desk. Thus, it would be beneficial for the range of the seat height to accommodate a ‘normal’ sitting position as well.

Lightweight But Sturdy

The sit-stand office stool must be light enough to be picked up and taken to another workstation or office area whenever needed. But it must be sturdy enough to remain in place when the user stands up.

Comfortable Stool Seat

As the user has to be comfortable in any chosen position, the stool’s seat has to be well designed and covered with durable high-performance fabric A good sit-stand work stool will offer a seat filled with high-density moulded foam.

Padded Base

Ensure that the base of the work stool is padded with non-slip, high-grade rubber to keep the user balanced and the stool in place. Good rubber also doesn’t scuff the floor or leave twist marks.

Maximum Weight On The Stool

Most sit-stand stools are designed to accommodate users weighing up to about 120kg. Ensure that the user stool you are purchasing can carry the user’s weight.

Last Word

When choosing a sit-stand chair look for one that offers comfort and range. Make sure the chair is durable and of good quality for long-lasting performance. Sit-stand stools can successfully and efficiently be used in the office or home.