ALLY is a office chair and is designed to blend into every office aesthetic. Perfect for people who appreciate performance with subtlety. It marries beauty and intelligence with comfort and design for an office chair that looks great while providing hour after hour of hard-working comfort.

ALLY incorporates all the ergonomic features you’d expect to see in a high-performance office chair. With self-adjusting 4 stop synchro mechanism as well as height adjustable seat and arms.

A good office chair can improve productivity and reduce health issues. You can’t expect an employee who’s uncomfortable in their chair to give their best at work every day. A chair will also last for many years, so a good chair is a worthwhile investment.

ALLY is the ideal ergonomic office chair. With castors for easy gliding and mould foam for optimal support. The design language reflects the global office chair trend of lightness and comfort. Various options for back mesh and seat upholstery options are available to customise. Therefore making this the ideal office chair for modern landscapes.