the purpose of having different seats and to keep moving – Take a stand on movement

Sitting isn’t killing us, sitting in a poor posture for long periods with little movement and few breaks for standing or walking can impact our health and reduce our productivity. By offering employees a choice of where to sit and different zones within which to work can drastically improve wellness.

When people are able to circulate more freely and to randomly encounter different sets of colleagues, they’re more communicative, collaborative, and creative. Unplanned encounters spark innovation, which is often why designers place important zones all over the office to initiate communication.

Research shows that giving people options to stand, sit, and walk is critical to wellness. ChairClub supports this research by offering a number of different seating positions in one office. From our range of task chairs to our sit to stand Perch, to the Hive that provides individual lounge comfort with privacy and quiet, and the Rocks, which bring an informal setting to the office environment. We are able to keep you moving around the office in comfort all day.

With comfort offered in each different zone, it encourages people to want to move around the office. Often it isn’t a chair that causes the back problems most people experience, but more the way we sit in them.

To overcome this ChairClub offers ergonomic training on how to sit properly, to all our clients so that employees stay comfortable for longer. Effective employee education and training are critical not just in chair selection, but also in the effective use of chair features. The benefits of changing posture are improved focus, engagement, and wellness.

More engaged employees feel better about where they work, are more productive, and more communicative with their peers, adding to an overall better experience at work. Work today is about choice, and offering employees different settings where they can choose where they want to sit shows increased results in productivity and performance as well as overall wellness in the workplace.