At ChairClub we have always believed in the power of local. It is in crazy times like this that it reiterates to us the importance of being locally sustainable. While the world is in turmoil and factories are closed all over the world, with a shortage of shipping and deliveries, it reminds us of where our dream began. It’s a dream to change the chair industry in South Africa forever, a dream to empower people, create jobs, and develop skills. A dream to not be dependant on international suppliers, nor affected by the volatility of the exchange rate. Over the past few years, we have designed, developed, and produced a range of 16 chairs right here in South Africa. Four of which recently won the Good Design Award in the same year.

We are focused on superior products that are all locally manufactured. Products that are made with such love and passion. Being apart of the power of local influence. This is why we are more than just a chair company, we are all about humans. We continue to develop and evolve with the release of new chairs this year.