The psychology behind where you sit in a boardroom is an interesting topic. The first thing to cross your mind when you walk into a board room, is where should I sit?

–        Where will I look the best?

–        Should I sit near the boss?

–        Will it really matter where I sit?

Truth be told, however, where you sit matters way more than you think. Not all seats are equal. The Power Player seat is always at the head of the table and is reserved for the boss or the leader of the meeting.

Seated next to the power player is usually for the leader’s allies.  His most trusted and biggest supporters.  Being close to the power player allows you to influence a meeting; either by listening or quietly whispering to the boss when need be.

The middle seats are reserved for those who want to be seen less and get limited eye contact. Therefore, If you prefer to say less in a meeting, sit there! Opposite the boss (head of the table) is for people who have a lot to say and are expected to speak.

To get further into this psychology, should you sit to the left or the right of a leader? They say if you want to be heard, sit to the left. If you want to remain unnoticed, sit to the right. Psychology also proves, we tend to select the same seats time and time again.